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Buy Crypto with Every IRL Purchase

Story time: It's 8 AM, you're buying your morning coffee, the total comes out to $3.50. You could pocket the two quarters, or just download Bits. We'll take the remaining 50 cents and distribute it across a crypto portfolio of your choosing. Want to grow your investments faster? Boost each round-up with a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier. Build wealth on the blockchain with each round up.

Dollar Cost Average to Beat Market Volatility

Set up automatic investments at regular intervals within the Bits app to strengthen the value of your micro-investments. These can occur on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Whatever your sweet, HODLing heart desires.

Feeling Lucky? Make a One-Off Purchase

Make a one-time investment into any of the 150+ cryptos listed on Bits to build your digital asset wealth. This single purchase can reflect whatever amount you choose. Good luck.

You're About to Get Sooooo Triggered with Bits

Triggered by market conditions, that is. Bits tracks external price indicators (i.e., social or environmental news) that may affect crypto prices. Say a random famous person, Elon Busk for instance, decides to tweet about Dogecoin. The Bits app will leverage its smart portfolio management tool to reallocate your basket and hold more Dogecoin. Through these triggered price alerts, Bits’ aim is to turn hot gossip into high returns.

Invest in the cryptos you love. We offer 150+ cryptos, with more being approved monthly.

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