Aioz Network

AIOZ is a Cosmos and Ethereum native blockchain that aims to be big and decentralized enough to power global streaming platforms. Focusing on shared computer resources, AIOZ hopes to get people to offer their unused bandwidth, processes and hard drives, to host a decentralized video streaming service. To do this, they offer AIOZ to users who share private resources with the public network. When you watch a video online it is usually sent to your phone from a giant server farm, most likely owned by Amazon. AIOZ hopes to pay everyone to host the videos on their own computers, making censorship difficult and helping to share information freely. Well, maybe not freely since you have to pay in AIOZ to store information. But at least you can get paid in AIOZ for helping other people store information. AIOZ hopes to build a co-operative, decentralized network that makes everyone money. Like the old saying, if you share my bandwidth, I will store your data.

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