Circuits of Value

Circuits of Value operates software called Emblem Vault that allows you to create a crypto token made of other tokens. You can combine some Eth, some BTC, some Fantom among many others, and bundle them into one token. The COVAL team says it is a token that works like a wallet. It is actually one token that holds several different cryptocurrencies in one convenient location on the blockchain. Since a crypto is just code, the Emblem Vault can be used to store any digital asset and transform it into a tradeable crypto token! This gives COVAL a lot of flexibility when it comes to storing value. Since you are able to make your own bundled tokens, there are many options for designing unique trading tokens across several blockchain networks. The COVAL coin itself offers several benefits to holders, including a discount on fees, as staking reward multiplier or to facilitate trading by balancing swaps and paying for fees when people use other Defi marketplaces to trade their coins.

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