Wrapped Bitcoin

Wrapped Bitcoin is a modified version of bitcoin that can be used on the Ethereum network. You can "lock" 1 BTC up on the Bitcoin blockchain and "release" 1 WBTC on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows you to use your bitcoin in "smart contracts," which are agreements that execute automatically. Now, instead of just buying Bitcoin and holding it, investors can now buy WBTC and earn passive income from it. Imagine you’re trying to buy a house, and you don’t have enough money for it, so you get what’s called a mortgage. If you have something else that has value you can take a loan on it, because banks know you have something valuable, they can take it from you if you don’t pay on time. Basically, you can lend WBTC to another user and make some money as interest. Wrapped Bitcoin is a representation of real Bitcoin, 1 WBTC is always equals 1 Bitcoin.

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